We’ve all experienced it. Settling down into bed for the night, only to be jolted awake an hour later to bass vibrating your bedroom walls, shouting, singing, and what sounds like a herd of elephants stomping about next door. Your neighbour’s random get-togethers can be okay as a one-off, but when they start to occur monthly, weekly or even daily – there comes a point where enough is enough.

noise complaints 1

If you learn anything from the numerous TV shows about nightmare neighbours, it should be that you aren’t alone. Thousands of noise complaints get filed in England every year. But which areas have the noisiest neighbours? The Sefton Meadows team decided to find out.

Interestingly, some of the areas which received the most noise complaints have the highest average house prices.

Est noise complaints higher house prices

In fact, areas with an average house price above £500,000 saw a shocking number of noise complaints compared to regions that have lower house prices.

Higher house prices

Regions with the most noise complaints

Each year, thousands of noise complaints are recorded across every region in England.

Noise COmplaint UK Map

Perhaps unsurprisingly with a population of almost 9 million people, London comes in 1st place for the noisiest area in England – with the South East region coming 2nd.

UK loudest chart

If you fancy a quieter life, the North East and East Midlands are the places to be.

These areas are the quietest

quietest areas

Who has the noisiest neighbours?

If you live in any of the following areas, congratulations, you officially have the noisiest neighbours in England. Unless you’re the noisy neighbour!

Nosiest Neighbours Chart

East Midlands

Complaints Per 1,000 of Population: 4.5 | Estimated Total Complaints: 21,600

East Midlands Map
East Midlands Chart

East of England

Complaints Per 1,000 of Population: 4.8 | Estimated Total Complaints: 29,928

East Of England Map
East of England Chart


Complaints Per 1,000 of Population: 17 | Estimated Total Complaints: 152,694

London Map

london boroughs chart

North East

Complaints Per 1,000 of Population: 5.2 | Estimated Total Complaints: 13,816

North East Map
North East Chart

North West

Complaints Per 1,000 of Population: 4 | Estimated Total Complaints: 29,200

North West Map

North West Chart

South East

Complaints Per 1,000 of Population: 5 | Estimated Total Complaints: 45,875

South East Map
South East Chart

South West

Complaints Per 1,000 of Population: 4.4 | Estimated Total Complaints: 24,710

South West Map
South West Chart

West Midlands

Complaints Per 1,000 of Population: 5.1 | Estimated Total Complaints: 30,263

West Midlands map
West Midlands Chart


Noise complaint data sourced from Public Health England – Public Health Outcomes Framework for 2018/2019. Data was provided for every 1000 of the population in each region. In the regional charts, this was multiplied to match the estimated population of each region at the date of creation.

Formula used:

Population of region*/1000 x noise complaint per 1000 = estimated noise complaints

* Population of region rounded to nearest 1000







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