Do you love houseplants? Have you often been dubbed a houseplant parent, and teased for your love of having greenery indoors? Well – you might be onto something. It’s been proven that houseplants don’t just look good, they also come with a host of mental and physical benefits, including:

  • Stress Reduction
  • Increased Productivity
  • Better Wellbeing
  • Improved Memory
  • Less Fatigue

The Most Popular Houseplants

You aren’t alone with your love of houseplants. According to Google Trends, the popularity of certain houseplants has skyrocketed. The most popular houseplants in terms of an increase in search volumes at the moment are

  1. Monstera +1500%
  2. Swiss Cheese Plant +700%
  3. Calatheas +350%
  4. Fiddle-leaf Fig +250%
  5. Zanzibar Gem +180%

What You Didn’t Know About Houseplants

As we mentioned, houseplants have a host of benefits. But here’s what you didn’t know about them.

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What you didn't know about houseplants
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