We would like to thank everyone that participated in our latest competition. After going through all the entries, there was one that really stood out to us (especially the men!). Congratulations to Ryan Swain for his winning story, involving a curious crab and… Well, the story will speak for itself:

I’ll always remember our holiday in Whitby, when I was 7 ! … Dad took us all ‘crabbing’ on the harbour, it was a glorious , warm day, and , we were catching some HUGE ‘crustacians’, which we placed carefully in a deep bucket! “Don’t touch them, without me !” dad said! …me , thinking I knew it all, didn’t take any notice, showing off, picked up the biggest, proudly displaying it to the crowd of people watching us ‘fish’!! … the mighty beast suddenly lunged, and, locked on to my ‘private, nether region’ , and , wouldn’t let go!! .. After, what seemed like hours, and, many agonising screams later , Dad got it off!!… I had to go to A and E, and, couldn’t sit down, or walk comfortably for weeks!!…and just in case you’re interested, No!!! I won’t eat crab for the rest of my life! lol


Ouch! Truly nothing can make up for such a horrifying experience. We can only hope your new Atlanta Bistro Set helps a little. Enjoy, Ryan! You deserve it!


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