The school holidays are fast approaching, but before you know it, you’re 2 weeks in, void of all ideas as well as all remaining 2 for 1 vouchers. With the sun flying high in the sky, well, for the most part anyway, there’s no better way of spending your time this summer than within your garden. 

The tricky part is being able to lure your offspring from the TV to the outdoors without spoiling any of the fun. So, here’s 9 awesome ways how to do this . . .

1. Watercress eggheads

Keep them quiet for an afternoon as they create a living egghead. It’s quick, easy and bound to get your kids interested in gardening. Just empty the contents of your eggs, fill up with cotton wool, sprinkle on seeds and simple water. Add a silly face and watch it grow!

2. Create a Snail Farm

It’s likely that you’ll have everything you need lying around the home already. So grab a plastic bottle, cut a 10 x 5cm hole in the side and place soil, lettuce and also weeds inside. Next, source and add some snails to your bottle, cover up then watch them farm for the next few days.

3. Get you rocks on!

Using clean rocks and acrylic paints, decorate your garden rocks with plant names, faces and shapes. Just ensure that you use around 2-3 coats, as well as a water-base gloss for a shiny, weatherproof finish.

4. DIY Bird feeder: Idea 1

It looks simple and it most certainly is . . . Pierce 2 large holes at opposite sides of the bottle and thread through a wooden spoon. Repeat this process further down to make the 2 perches. Fill up with bird seeds, then thread through a piece of string to create the hanger.

5. DIY Bird feeder: Idea 2

This one is great for the little ones too. Take a few plastic lids, attach some string to the back, cover in lard and cover in bird seed. Just hang outside and wait for the birds to appear!

6. Homemade bunting

Become a craft king / queen this summer by creating your own garden bunting. It’s all the rage this season, but we recommend cutting foam triangles so that’ll be weatherproof. Thread them onto a piece of string and hang.

7. Make your own watering can

Take a bottle top, pierce about a dozen holes in the lid and away you go. It’s great way to teach them about recycling too!

8. Windowsill Garden

There’s nothing better than letting your child have their own project to look after. It’s fun, educational and you can get involved too. Herbs will be the best place to start, as their extremely easy to grow and manage. When they’re ready, teach them about how to cook them as well.

9. learn about insects

Everyone has seen the films and TV shows, so get them out in the garden and teach them about insects. Count as many different types as you can see, and maybe even get your kids to draw their favourite.

There’s about 101 different ways to entice your children out in the garden this summer. Trust us, they’ll have the time of their lives!


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