Summer Gardening Jobs


Summer is very nearly here, which means it’s time to get your garden looking beautiful in time for hot Summer days, barbecues, and lovely cool evenings. With that in mind, we’ve compiled a list of our top gardening jobs for you to get done this June, to have your garden looking Chelsea Flower Show standard just in time for Summer!

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Trees, Shrubs & Climbers


Make sure that any trees or shrubs you have planted within the last few years have a circle of clear earth around them. Doing this will make sure that essential moisture gets through the soil – mulching with compost will help. Cut tender shrubs when frost is no longer a danger, and trim evergreen hedges. Prune spring flowering shrubs, cutting the oldest wood down to the base to allow for next year’s flowering – check out our selection of garden tools to help you with this. Spray roses with fungicide (do this in the evening, to avoid harming bees), repeating every fortnight until Autumn.



Be sure to mow your lawn frequently, as often as once a week, to make it easier for yourself. Use high nitrogen fertilizer on your established lawns, and apply weedkiller as necessary. Take any glass clippings from mowing and keep them for your compost heap, applying in shallow layers. During hot weather, be sure to keep your lawn well-hydrated, preventing them from drying out in hot weather – water in the evenings, and leave your lawn to grow a little in a heat wave.

Bulbs, Flowers & Containers


Protect new shoots from slugs to make sure they grow healthy. Plant your Summer bedding, and make sure it is well watered. Cut old foliage, and feed with general fertilizer, using organic matter as mulch, waiting for seed pods to ripen. You’ll also want to cut spring perennials, dead foliage on bulbs, and spreading plants. Make supports for herbaceous plants, using hazel or birch twigs for a natural look, and plant containers, tubs and hanging baskets for an infusion of colour – use specially formulated compost, and consider moisture retentive gel and slow-release fertilizer.

Fruit & Veg


Be sure to keep all of your growing fruits well-watered, mulching with organic matter to help reduce water loss and prevent weeds. Preventing soil splash is important, as it can cause mould and infection – surround fruit plants with straw to prevent soil splash, and if you do spot an infected plant, remove it and dispose of it away from your compost. Netting can help to protect your fruit plants from birds, and caterpillars should be picked off as soon as you spot them. Start growing your vegetables this month, planting them fortnightly to ensure a continuous crop. Tomato plants need a cane for support, and plenty of water – you can sink empty plant pots next to your plants for precision watering.

General Tasks

Be sure to keep on top of weeds, and hoe on warm days or use a weedkiller. If you have spent flowers in planters and pots, be sure to remove them and feed the plants with liquid feed. Protect vulnerable plants at night-time, especially if frost is forecast, and don’t put out tender plants until the middle of the month. When it’s dry, use systemic weed killer to deal with ground elder and bindweed. Use water well, and remember that lime-hating plants don’t like tap water, and water your garden thoroughly once or twice a week. When planting, fill the freshly dug hole with water to establish a good base for your new plants. Keep an eye out for weeds on your driveways, paths and terraces, and keep an eye out for pests. Use slug killer to deal with slugs, and keep a well-stocked bird feeder – birds are great for dealing with slugs and snails, too.


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Thanks for reading – hopefully, this guide will help you get your gardening in order and your garden looking fantastic just in time for Summer. Be sure to check out our website for everything you need and more, and best of luck over the coming weeks!

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