Stories about fairies and their delightful little fairy dwellings have occupied the minds and imaginations of people and affected the folklore and cultures of societies around the world for centuries.

About Fairies

Throughout history, fairies have been described as tiny, gauzy-winged beings clad in colourful pastel garments who protect woods and gardens, help plants to grow, make dreams come true and grant wishes.

Even today, many believe that having fairy doors and fairy dwellings in your home and garden promotes good luck and prevents unfortunate mishaps, which may well be one of the reasons why fairy garden ornaments are so incredibly popular.

Fairy Dwellings

Whether you choose to believe in fairies or consider the very thought of such creatures existing or having existed at some point in time to be utter nonsense, fairy dwellings make wonderful decorations for your home and garden. Beautifully crafted, fairy homes available on the market today include tiny cottages, tree houses and ‘converted’ fruits, vegetables or tree stumps. The variety is such that you could create an entire fairy garden village without having to double up on any given fairy home.

Our Fairy Houses

We have a delightful selection of unique, beautifully finished illuminated fairy dwellings including tree houses with balconies, ropes and ladders; round fairy houses and more in our ‘Garden Glows‘ section.

Featuring plenty of intricate detail and carefully painted in vibrant colours, these fairy abodes look so realistic, you almost expect to see fairies fluttering in and out of their doors or dancing in front of them. As night falls, they light up, spreading a warm, magical glow from their windows and doors to the surrounding area.

Gorgeous to look at, durable and reasonably priced, these solar powered little marvels will add both light and a little bit of magic to your garden and will be appreciated by old and young (and fairies) alike.

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