Gardening – a hobby, and sometimes a livelihood, which Brits are completely in love with. In fact, we spend more on horticultural goods than on any other recreational activity. And who can blame us?

Gardening supply sales have boomed

Sales for gardening supplies such as seeds, bedding plants and tools have soared as a result of the Coronavirus lockdown – with people desperately trying to find ways to spend more time outside.

We’ve all invested in garden furniture too

Brits have been eagerly trying to get their hands on garden furniture to transform their gardens into a usable, comfy space for entertaining and relaxing. Prices for garden furniture soared by over 150% during 2021 due to supply chain issues and increased demand.

With more people eager to get their hands dirty and earn their green thumbs, we decided to take a look at the facts and statistics surrounding gardening. What we found will shock you! Take a look at our infographic below.

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Gardening facts and stats infographic

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