Good news, it’s British Tomato Week right now! From the 18th to the 24th May, we’ll be worshipping the delights of this magnificent fruit (yes, fruit!). However, this tradition does beg the question, “How does one celebrate the tomato, exactly?” It’s a puzzling question, of which we now hope to get to the bottom. Well, at the risk of being obvious, there’s a clear way of celebrating tomatoes that’s already on everyone’s minds…


Plant Some Tomatoes

There’s nothing quite as satisfying as growing your own tomatoes (except eating them!). The first thing to note would be to grow your tomatoes in a greenhouse or polytunnel. This isn’t essential; it’s just a little risky to grow them outside. We also suggest growing a few varieties so you can find your favourite.

When it comes to ripening the tomatoes that haven’t quite made it to perfection, we have a fun trick to help. Just bring those tomatoes indoors and put them next to a banana. The banana gives off ethylene, which helps ripen your delicious tomatoes… Seriously! Click here for more tips and information on growing your tomatoes.


La Tomatina

Well, we’ve planted our tomatoes… Now what? There must be a more creative way of celebrating the tomato. In the Spanish town of Buñol, a festival known as La Tomatina takes place, in which participants throw tomatoes at each other for fun. This happens on the last Wednesday in August and looks amazing! Aside from the smell and sweaty strangers, what could possibly be more fun than pelting people with tomatoes? We’ll answer for you… Nothing.


Granted, this is some time after Tomato Week, but we would still recommend booking a holiday in Buñol this year and getting involved! The signal that starts the tomato throwing is somebody being able to climb a greasy pole and knock pork off the top of it.

After the event, the streets and participants are hosed down. Sounds like those streets are still going to be pretty messy for a long time though, right? Nope! After the cleaning, the streets are absolutely pristine due to the acidity of the tomatoes disinfecting the surfaces. Why do we not have this event in every single country?!


Cook a Delicious Meal

For argument’s sake, let’s say you’re looking for a classier use for tomatoes than chucking them at a stranger’s face. If that’s the case, we suggest cooking yourself, or friends and family, an exquisite Italian meal. You can even incorporate tomatoes into the canapés with an array of delectable Bruschetta. This simple appetiser will have your guests watering at the mouth and complementing your culinary and presentation skills.


To follow up, you need a dish to impress. Rigatoni with roasted tomatoes & ricotta salata. It may sound like a mouthful, but it’s a mouthful you’ll love. Of course, if the Italian style is not what you’re after, why not get some beef tomatoes and create an American burger masterpiece? The tomato celebration options are endless! Whatever you go for, don’t forget your essential motivational apron.


After all these great ideas, it’s devastating to think that the celebrations only last a week. However, when the internet closes a door, it opens a window. There’s a very special weekend coming up… You didn’t hear it from me, but Gardens and Homes Direct are going to be sending a Bank Holiday discount out to anyone that’s subscribed to their e-mails. Quick! Don’t miss out!


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