Thanks to everyone that participated in our latest competition. As always, we were blown away by the responses! You came up with some cracking holidays. However, there can only be one winner… Congratulations to Carrie Talbot-Ashby! Your idea for a public holiday was spot on. We hope to have it in place by next year. We also loved the demonstrative picture that came with it. Brilliant! We hope you enjoy your Blenheim Bistro Set. The winning entry is below…

The longest we go without a bank holiday is between now and Christmas, so, mayhaps we could have a bank holiday in October to coincide with when the clocks go back, we could even call it “Daylight Savings day!” so, forget about your extra hour in bed, you can have the WHOLE day to get used to that extra hour! :-)


However, we have further gifts to give, as we promised to give a ten percent discount to the top ten entries on their next order with us! Carrie is one of the ten. The nine runners-up are below (in no particular order).

May the 4th be with you. To celebrate the fact that all the Star Wars films were made in Britain, make May 4th a bank holiday.

– Angela Finch

November 5 (bonfire Night) a well established day to remember, loved by children and parents, cheering up the dark nights.

– Margaret Akel

I’d go for 31st October, Halloween. We have no bank holiday between August and Christmas, so this would be a good time. It would give the kids time to getready for trick or treating and maybe some people with smaller children would prefer to go in the daytime.

– Susan Chafer

My Birthday September 19th.

– Phil Oniell

Blue Monday is a name given to a day in January (typically the third Monday of the month) purported to be the most depressing day of the year. This could be a Bank Holiday to break this ‘tradition’ – we could turn it into a happy family day instead – Funday Monday! I’m in!

– Ann Grisdale

We need a day in November. National ‘Start your Christamas shopping early to avoid the manic December weekends’ day

– Debbie Nichols

National April Fools Day, yes I know it already exists but bear with me. This could be a public holiday where everyone has the day off to play pranks on people.

– Alan Fullarton

This shouldn’t be allowed, this is absurd!
We have nearly the fewest bank holidays in most of the world?
Then I shall create one and have it my way
And we shall all have another bank holiday!
It will be on the 2nd October as its my birthday
And then every year I could go away!
Thank you in advance Gardens and Homes Direct
In hoping ‘Kristyns Birthday Bank Holiday’ will take effect!

– Kristyn Harris

I think there should be a bank holiday the Monday after the clocks go back in October so we can all ease ourselves into the darker nights slowly! I would call it Game of Thrones day – after all ‘winter is coming’!

– Deborah Hambleton

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