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Guide: DIY Natural Garden Insect Killer

As the weather warms up and new growth appears all over your garden, all kinds [...]

Best Plants for Butterflies

Adding a touch of graceful colour to your garden, butterflies are wonderful to watch - [...]

Correct Garden Insects Identification

Trying to keep your flowers, bushes and trees; lawn and vegetables growing and looking their [...]

How to Create a Bird Friendly Garden

Creating a bird friendly garden is quite simple if you are prepared to put in [...]

4 Great Gardening Hacks You Have To Try

At this time of year gardeners start to plant seeds in the hope of seeing [...]

What to Plant in March – Growing Your Own Vegetables

If you are new to vegetable growing, you may well be wondering what you can [...]

Gardening Trends for 2017

Enter the new year with new ideas for your garden. Ensure you stand out and [...]

How You Can Help Save The Hedgehog Population

The number of hedgehogs spotted in English gardens has been steadily declining over the last [...]

September Gardening Tips

September is an important time for gardeners, with the transition from Summer to Autumn becoming [...]

Advanced BBQ Techniques

The sun is out, the beers are cold and the grill is on. This isn’t your [...]

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