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How to Make A Christmas Tree Look Fuller

Do you need to know how to make a Christmas tree look fuller? You’re in [...]

5 Screening Ideas for Pergolas

Pergolas are a creative and smart-looking way of adding shelter to any outdoor space. These [...]

The Best Man Cave Shed Ideas

The humble man cave – a comfortable, judgement-free zone that all men want, but not [...]

Easy (but effective) Garden Windbreak Ideas

As a gardener, it may often feel as if you’re left to the mercy of [...]

How to Clean Metal Garden Furniture

Metal garden furniture is a long-lasting solution to add to any outdoor space. However, over [...]

How To Clean Wooden Garden Furniture

High-quality wooden garden furniture is a long-term investment. Hardwearing, reliable, and comfortable, wooden furniture is a favourite [...]

How to make an overlooked garden private

Some of us know our neighbours reasonably well, some of us have never spoken to [...]

Do you need planning permission for sheds?

The rules on planning permission for sheds Usually, you do not need planning permission for [...]

The Benefits of Outdoor Living Spaces

Outdoor living spaces can add a lot to your life. From being an extension to [...]

Gardening facts & stats

Gardening – a hobby, and sometimes a livelihood, which Brits are completely in love with. [...]

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