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Adding Trellis To Existing Fence

A trellis is a near-perfect addition to a garden. Aesthetically pleasing and a gardener’s dream, [...]

How to clean rattan furniture

Rattan garden furniture has become a welcome and sensible alternative to wooden and plastic patio [...]

How to help hedgehogs in your local area

With a population of 1.55 million in the UK[i], hedgehogs (or Erinaceus europaeus) are frequent [...]

How To Get Rid Of A Mole In The Garden

Moles are ground-dwelling creatures that most people consider relatively harmless and some may even consider [...]

How To Clean Wooden Garden Furniture

High-quality wooden garden furniture is a long-term investment. Hardwearing, reliable, and comfortable, wooden furniture is a favourite [...]

The Ultimate Lawn Growing & Care Guide

Lawns are an integral part of the British garden. Whether they provide a safe, cushioned [...]

How to identify & get rid of garden pests

Have pesky pests taken over your garden? Common garden pests can wreak havoc on flower [...]

6 Tough Houseplants Even The Worst Gardeners Can’t Kill

Whether you struggle to find the time to keep your flowerbeds in perfect shape, you [...]

5 Companion Plants To Keep Pests Out Of Your Garden

When new seeds are starting to sprout, the last thing you want is an infestation [...]

The Mess-Free, Soil-Free Way To Grow Houseplants

How can you grow beautiful houseplants in a clear bottle with no soil and no [...]

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