Winter has hit hard, with temperatures plummeting throughout the country and snow coating the gardens of many homes. You may have put away the gardening tools for the year, but there’s still plenty of beauty to be enjoyed in nature at this time of year, and adding a bit of heat can help you stretch out those al fresco evenings a little longer.

These are our favourite devices for delivering some extra warmth outdoors.

Patio Heater

Essential for any outdoor sitting area in the UK, even in the (relatively) warm months of the year. A reliable patio heater is the most effective way to add warmth to your surroundings, with the added benefit of turning on and off at the flick of a switch.

Many varieties of patio heaters exist, from miniature table top devices to much larger, wall mounted units; powered by either gas or electricity. While a gas patio heater has benefits, including being able to position it easily anywhere in the garden, we prefer the electric variety as it’s cheaper to run, silent and won’t run out of fuel.

Our choice:


The 3-in-1 Outdoor & Indoor Electric Patio Heater

The 3-in-1 outdoor and indoor electric patio heater warms your body without heating the surrounding area, thanks to Far Infrared technology. The benefits of this are that it can be safely used both indoors and out, so it’s ideal in a conservatory as well as a patio. The heater includes a stand for easy positioning where you need it, or can be attached to a wall for regular, secure use. And it includes 3 heat settings, so you can keep yourself at just the right temperature.


While a patio heater will provide you with the warmth you need in the garden, nothing compares to the rustic style of a chimenea. With the right amount of fuel, these can kick out some serious heat from the base, with the narrow chimney keeping smoke out of the way. Most chimeneas include a grill to slide inside, creating the ultimate decorative furniture piece – a BBQ and a stylish heater rolled in to one.

Our choice:

Toledo Grapes Bronze Chimenea With BBQ Grill

Named after the Spanish city and decorated with grapes, this beautiful bronze chimenea is perfect for relaxing next to with a glass of rioja. It stands well above the ground to keep the heat off your patio, with the large decorative chimney channelling smoke up high. A cast iron grate swivels open for easy access to the belly, where any type of fuel can be added to the fire. And from the other side of the door is the BBQ grill to be swivelled in for easy cooking.

Fire Pit

Prefer a fuller view of the dancing flames? No problem, add a fire pit to the centre of your outdoor seating area and enjoy a 360 degree fire experience. A flame pit, or garden fireplace, brings people together to build, watch and feel a roaring fire together, in a shared experience that harkens back to the time of Neanderthals.

Like chimeneas, many fire pits include a grill to turn this warming centrepiece in to a barbecue. And there are many shapes and sizes to suit your patio or garden.

Our choice:

Arandas Round Garden Fireplace

The Arandas fireplace provides an all around view of the fire, with the safety of a steel mesh surrounding it and preventing any fuel falling to the ground. Cut out from the frame is a delicate flame design, turning this fireplace in to a beautiful piece to add to your furniture collection. It includes a built in cover which, along with the steel frame, produces a higher temperature than ordinary fireplaces, to maximise your time outdoors as the night draws in.

Fire Table

The ultimate talking point for an evening outdoors is a spectacular fire table. Create a unique dining experience, or simply enjoy a few outdoor drinks and some toasted marshmallow skewers around the fire bowl. Nothing stands out better than a flame filled dining bowl – guests will be dropping by on the coldest winter evenings to enjoy your roasting dining set!

Our choice:

Santorini Firebowl Entertaining Set

The Santorini Firebowl entertaining set includes everything you need to create the perfect al fresco dining experience. The weatherproof aluminium table with lattice moulded top includes a large firebowl in the centre, with a covering for safety, and is suitable for burning any solid fuels. Around are four matching aluminium chairs with comfortable cushions for long evenings around the fire.

The set comes with accessories including a poker, spark guard, log grate and even a barbecue grill to place over the embers, so you can impress your dinner guests by cooking their meal for them right in the centre of the table!

Don’t let winter keep you from your garden. All of these amazing heaters, and many more, are available now at

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