As spring and summer are slowly edging closer, you may well be wondering whether you should invest in a toddler playhouse for your garden.

If the knowledge that a playhouse will bring plenty of excitement and fun into your little ones’ lives while at the same time helping them to develop important mental and physical skills is not enough to convince that having a playhouse for toddlers is a good thing, read on…

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Outdoor Play

Children spend the clear majority of their playing and studying time at home and at school indoors. A toddler playhouse motivates them into heading outside and spending some time in a natural, open environment. Playing outdoors helps them develop better cognitive, physical and social skills, which in turn enables them to become calmer, more self-disciplined and happier adults.


Having a little place to play in opens a world of activities for children. Here, they can eat, drink and play; read and do anything they like in an environment they decorated and furnished using their own creativity and imagination.

The perfect place to encourage pretend/role play, a toddler playhouse can be anything your child/children want it to be, from a cosy home or doctor’s office to a Wild West fort or a fire station and anything in-between. In short, playhouses provide children with the space they need to successfully develop their creativity and imagination.

Group Play and Social Development

Encouraging group play, outdoor playhouses become the one place where groups of children get together to play. As they take on different roles, they use their imagination to play out real-life elements of society.

Teaching children how to cooperate and interact with each other; communicate and work out differences and conflicts, group play forms the foundation needed for the development of important language, social, cooperation and leadership skills they will need to perform adequately in society as adults.

Physical Exercise

Reducing the time children spend playing computer games or watching TV, the opportunity to play outside naturally increases the level/amount of exercise they get. This, of course, gives them stronger immune systems and healthier bodies.


All in all, it can be safely said that getting a playhouse will benefit your toddler in every possible way – physically, mentally, emotionally and socially (not to mention the joy and pride you will feel while watching your little ones gleefully playing in and around their very own, private little space…)

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