With recent arrival of Spring, we leave behind the dark, dreary days of Winter. With pleasant weather on the horizon, and the number of sunny days increasing, it’s once again time to get serious about gardening.

The harsh frost of winter may have left your garden looking limp, lifeless and in need of some attention, so here’s 7 important steps to help you create the perfect spring garden.

Lawn Preparation

Throughout March and April, we highly recommend that you rake your lawn vigorously to help remove any moss, leaves and debris. The build up of moss during Winter may have caused some drainage issues, so ensure that you spike your lawn to help improve its drainage.

Mower blades should be kept fairly high and you should only feed your lawn using nitrogen based fertilizers For more information, read our post on how to create the perfect lawn.



Early Spring is often the ideal time to prune and deadhead any damaged shrubs. Plants such as Clematis, Hydrangeas and Fuschias, that are expected to flower during mid-summer should be pruned now. Roses and fruit trees should also be considered, as well as any shrubs that are due to bloom during the winter months too.


Planting & Perennials

Spring is often the perfect time to stock up on seeds, plants and garden equipment. It’s also the perfect opportunity to divide any perennials that have been growing for several years to ensure that they continue to flower well.

Dig a layer of manure into your beds and borders, to help maintain strong growth. You’ll then need to begin sowing those summer-flowering plants such as Lillies, Gladiolus and any hardy annuals.


Spring Vegetables

Many of the main species of herbs and vegetables can be started during the early days of Spring. We strongly advise that you only plant vegetables outdoors when the weather is completely frost free. In the meantime, keeping them in the greenhouse or under a polytunnel should be sufficient.

Well, if you happen to have been bitten by the ‘grow your own’ bug, our blog is packed full of useful hints and tips.



Weeding should also be high on the agenda over the next few months. Now that the ground is getting warmer, the chances of encountering a pesky weed or two dramatically increases. Arm yourself with a high quality weed killer before they get out of hand.


Tidy Beds & Borders

Top dressing your flower beds and borders is another step to creating the perfect garden this spring. Using well-seasoned manure or compost add a layer to help the soil prepare for planting. You should also hoe the beds quite heavily to soften the soil, but it’s always best to avoid digging them up completely.


Cleaning, Staining & Repairing

Finally, the first few weeks of Spring are also the perfect time to keep abreast of cleaning and maintaining your outdoor space. Sweep, scrub and pressure wash your patio or driveway, and if you’ve got decking, select a dry day to stain and treat its wooden surface.

Oh, and don’t forget about cleaning your garden tools either. Removing your tools of rust, dust and dirt will not only help to prolong their life expectancy, but they’re also better for the health of your garden.

Spring is also the ideal opportunity to clean and repair your all weather garden furniture. Whether it’s a gazebo or metal furniture set, check out our recent blog on how to spring clean your outdoor furniture for more information.


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