As the weather starts to warm up, many homeowners are starting to think about their gardens. While some popular garden trends will continue to be popular this year, there are a few new trends that are beginning to emerge. The Sefton Meadows team decided to look at some of the most popular garden trends for 2022.

What’s popular in search?

Before we get stuck into the trends, we needed to find what people were searching for. Out of the most discussed topics we found across the web, these were the garden and gardening related terms with the highest search volumes.

KeywordAvg Search Vol 2022
garden furniture301k
rattan garden furniture135k
garden storage box49.5k
garden sheds49.5k
garden chairs49.5k
garden bench49.5k
garden storage33k
garden lights33k
small garden ideas27k
solar garden lights27k
garden bar27k
garden ideas22k
garden office22k
garden screening22k
garden edging18k
garden design ideas18k
garden mirrors18k
garden swing18k
garden arch18k
outdoor kitchen15k
garden trellis15k
garden gazebo12k
japanese garden12k
front garden ideas10k
bamboo garden8k
garden gnomes8k
garden canopy7k
chinese garden5k
rose garden5k
garden pond5k

Of the above, these terms are on the rise…

Several trends have fallen off the wagon since 2019, but these trends are still growing from strength to strength, with keyword volume rises of up to 200%.

Rise in popularity

Whilst these terms have seen better days…

Several trends hit their peak popularity in 2019, 2020 and 2021, but have ultimately seen a drop since the first year we examined the search volume.

Popularity drops

Which garden types are most popular?

Japanese and Mediterranean gardens are seeing a surge in popularity, but herb and bamboo gardens have been cast aside.

What is trending

Trends in gardening styles have changed

Grow your own and guerrilla gardening are taking a backseat, whilst no dig gardening and composting rise to the top.


Bringing the indoors outdoors is still popular

People are as desperate for space as ever before, and are still turning to their gardens to provide an extra ‘room’ to spend time in.

Time outside

Method: Reviewed Google Trends data, alongside industry trends and conducted keyword research for “gardening” terms to construct list of trends that are currently being talked about. Exported search volume data for these keywords and made comparisons based on this.

Note: comparisons are July 2022 vs July 2019 to skip the surge in search volume for gardening terms that occurred during the pandemic. These search volumes weren’t representative of ‘normal’ user behaviour patterns.


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  • SEMRush
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