When it comes to choosing the perfect baby name for your bundle of joy, we know the decision can sometimes be one of the hardest you’ve ever had to make in your life. You want to choose something that reflects their personality, after all! Flower baby names are seeing a rise in popularity once again, with more people opting for classic names that are influenced by florals.

Top 3 Flower Baby Names

The top 3 floral inspired baby names are currently:

  1. Oliver – With 4225 babies being named Oliver in 2020, it is the most popular baby name in the UK. The name itself means ‘ancestor’s descendant’ and is traditionally a boy’s name.
  2. Ivy – Ivy has soared in popularity over recent years, with 2166 babies being given the name in 2020. The climbing plant named Ivy represents faithfulness, permanency, and eternity.
  3. Lily – Sweet and traditional, the name Lily was given to 2150 children in the UK in 2020. The name has been known to represent innocence, and purity – influenced by the pure whiteness of the Lily flower.

But sometimes, parents-to-be don’t want to go along with the crowd. Choosing a name that is as unique as your little boy or girl is important!

We decided to explore which flower baby names are the most popular, the celebrities and film characters that have influenced the popularity of the names, and the unique names that are currently not being used in the UK.

See the latest infographic by Sefton Meadows below.

baby names infographic

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