Every garden should have a shed situated somewhere around it. Sheds are perfect for storing items large and small, whatever the weather. However, they can also be a vulnerable spot for theft and damage. This article will therefore introduce ten important ways you can improve your garden shed security and what ways are best for you to protect it.

1 Choosing the best location for your shed

The first important matter regarding your shed security is, upon choosing a shed, you need to decide where the best location is to place it in your garden. Ideally, it should be somewhere out of sight where burglars cannot easily access it. Your shed should also be clearly visible from most of your house windows. Because your shed will already lack security, having it in clear sight from your house windows is an excellent place to start if something bad occurs.

Plus, it is advisable to have your shed placed in your back garden rather than the front. The front garden is way more accessible via the front than the back, depending on your location. As stupid as it may be to rob somewhere, burglars are smart and will recognise that if they are robbing somewhere that can be easily seen or heard, they most likely will resist the attempt.

2 Securing your garden space: the roof, and windows.

back garden shed security

Keeping your walls and fences in a secure condition will drastically improve your shed security, as well as your garden too. Even adding a secure lock to your gate will help too. Of course, if a thief or burglar did try to bust open your shed or climb over the fence, extra measures can be implemented to ensure they don’t climb over. Robust fencing that is not easily breakable will drastically improve your garden security, although it is best to keep your shed a safe distance away from your fence. Keeping it closer to a solid building on one side will eliminate the chance of burglars accessing the shed too.

3 Do not advertise your shed features

Aside from keeping your shed door closed, burglars can still see through windows. Therefore, they can see what contents may await them inside your shed. Even everything you place on social media is accessible to them.

You should keep your online profiles private so that not anyone can easily see what you are advertising. Plastic, wooden, and sheds made from other materials have different security perimeters, and there are additional options you could take to improve your garden shed security…

4 Improve your shed locks.

rusty shed door lock security

An absolute necessity for your shed security is by installing a lock. For wooden garden sheds, metal locks are the best method of approach. Any security that came with the delivery of your shed should not be relied upon. The most popular and secure locks to use on your shed include the tower bolt and hasp-and-staple lock, which will keep your shed door safe and closed. Simple screws will not be enough to ensure security, so replacing the existing screws with bolts will make it impossible for them to be detached by thieves.

We also recommend using padlocks that can be bolted on. As bolts are made from metal, they will keep your garden shed extra secure. They are easy to install too.

5 Improve your shed hinges.

rusty shed security door hinge

There is a vast difference between wooden and plastic shed door hinges. Like the lock system, shed door hinges vary greatly. For example, hinges are implemented using simple screws, which a clever burglar could easily use a screwdriver to unscrew. However, even if unscrewing is too much of an issue, it is easy work for a crowbar.

Our solution is the same as the lock issue: use bolts instead. If you consider your hinge is cheap and flimsy, then you should consider replacing it with a heavy-duty alternative that will keep your shed security intact. But do not prioritise one over the other. If you are replacing your locks, replace your hinges too.

6 Blocking shed windows.

vacant shed security open windows

Windows are a weak point for your shed, so you should ensure that extra shed security is put upon them, so your shed is less vulnerable.

You can get rid of your windows or board them up so that your items are not on display. Alternatively, you can apply reflective film to the inside of your shed windows so that burglars cannot see what is inside.

This will help to prevent your windows from shattering, too. Curtains can also blot out your windows but won’t be as effective as reflective filming. Spray-on frosting is a great alternative, too, and is handy to use in the winter, but this may damage your windows if there is a real frost.

7 Securing the shed to the ground.

lock and key for shed security

Because it’s the law to have your shed secured to the ground, it is imperative to do so since smaller garden sheds can easily be tipped over. Depending on the design and materials of your shed, thieves can easily carry them away, so securing the shed to the ground will help counteract this.

Using anchors that are secure to the ground with bolts will prevent your shed been stolen and are simple to implement. Whilst wooden sheds are better to secure, plastic sheds need to have heavy-duty anchors inside the shed to keep them stable. Breeze blocks can also work but can be moved easier than bolted anchors, but aren’t entirely advisory as a shed security option.

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8 Reinforcing the shed roof and frame

builder on roof to ensure better shed security

Roof: As well as your shed windows, the roof is another weak point since poorly secure roofs can be lifted to gain access to your shed. This is why metal brackets and bands will help to keep your roof secure and adding these to the interior of your shed, will improve your shed security.

Frame: Reinforcing your shed frame can be done the same way as the roof, by installing and fastening metal struts, builder bands, or mesh across the framework. However, you need to focus on the shed’s weak points, too, including door frames and windows, as well as walls that need to be tightly fastened.

Alternatively, plywood or chicken wire are great additions to prevent burglars from gaining entry to your shed. It’s crazy how many methods you can use to keep your shed secure here, and although it is easy to go over the top, shed roofs and frames are often overlooked when checking shed security, so you would be wrong to miss out on this area when establishing your shed security.

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9 Extra Shed Security

CCTV shed security

It will not do any harm in adding new ways to keep your shed secure. These options require more time and effort to implement, but will easily pay off in the long run if you are not quite the DIY type for building sheds. Check out the following options to see how you can improve your shed security:

Burglar alarms: Burglar alarms are great for keeping you alert for any intruders around your shed space or the rest of your garden. The screeching sound that a burglar alarm makes when an intruder comes near will immediately alert you of their presence, and you can investigate the commotion.

Security lights: Motion sensors or security lights are great for highlighting less visible spaces in your garden. Even if your garden is pitch black at night, they can detect if a foreign presence is detected and put them in the spotlight. Security lights are accessible and you can put different light settings on them, but nothing beats a pure ray of white LED light to catch the intruders in the act.  

CCTV cameras (real or fake): It is surprising just how much fake CCTV cameras can fool intruders. In this modern age where so many people love being filmed, they don’t when it is incriminating. CCTV cameras are perfect for your shed security and should be positioned high up and out of sight so that thieves will not easily be able to break them. You can also gain access to your cameras directly to your phone or computer, so if you are away from home, you can watch the show directly on your device. Depending on how efficient you want your CCTV cameras to be, we advise using real CCTV cameras instead of fake ones, for better results.

guard dog monitoring shed security

Animals: A natural alternative is if you have household pets. Dogs and cats will act disturbed and will bark or howl if they sense an unfamiliar presence. If your pet acts distressed, there could be an intruder nearby. However, you should keep your pet well-trained so that they will not attack intruders, as this may fall back against you in a court of law.

10 Staying insured

The important factor to consider when checking your shed security is to ensure you stay insured. Whilst household insurance can usually cover your shed too, it will not hurt to double-check this, just in case the worst happens, and your shed get burgled.

Additionally, if you have valuable items stored away in your shed, e.g. bikes, then you will need insurance for them, too, to be on the safe side.

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Improve your Shed Security for a Burglar-free zone

Nothing beats the old-fashioned lock and key, but for the sake of your shed’s security and knowing how to secure a shed, you should double down on your security methods to ensure your shed cannot be broken into. No matter whether it is wooden or plastic, there are many forms of security methods that you can implement, as shown in this article, that can help make your shed a burglar-free zone. 


How can I secure my garden shed against break-ins?

Install a sturdy lock on the door, preferably a high-quality padlock or a deadbolt lock.

Use security screws or bolts to reinforce hinges and door frames.
Consider adding a security bar or metal grilles on windows to prevent unauthorised access.

Ensure that the shed has a solid foundation and is securely anchored to the ground to deter theft.

What are some effective ways to deter burglars from targeting my garden shed?

Install motion-sensor lights around the shed to illuminate the area at night and deter potential intruders.

Place thorny plants or shrubs near the shed’s windows to create a natural deterrent.

Display signs indicating that the shed is protected by a security system or monitored by CCTV cameras, even if it isn’t.

How can I protect the contents of my garden shed from theft?

Store valuable items out of sight from windows or invest in window coverings to obscure the view.

Consider installing a security alarm system specifically designed for sheds and outbuildings.

Use security marking or engraving techniques to mark your belongings with a unique identifier for easy identification if stolen.

Are there any additional security measures I can take for my garden shed?

Install a security camera system to monitor the shed and its surroundings.

Consider using a shed alarm system that triggers a loud siren if someone attempts to break in.

Use security screws or brackets to secure equipment and tools to the walls or floor, making them less accessible and harder to steal.

Should I consider improving the physical structure of my garden shed for better security?

Yes, reinforcing the shed’s structure can enhance security. Consider using solid materials like metal or reinforced wood for construction.
Ensure that windows are made of laminated or toughened glass to make them more resistant to breakage.

How can I make my garden shed less attractive to potential thieves?

Paint the shed in a less conspicuous colour that blends in with the surroundings, rather than drawing attention.
Avoid leaving the shed door open or unlocked, as it signals an easy target for theft.
Keep the area surrounding the shed well-maintained and clear of hiding spots, reducing the appeal for burglars.


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