how to deter foxes from your garden

How To Deter Foxes From Your Garden

Foxes are a nuisance to many property owners. Digging up the lawn, feasting on growing fruit, leaving droppings, driving other animals away – there aren’t a lot of benefits that foxes bring to a garden. That being said, they are only wild animals following their instincts. And that means finding safe, humane ways to drive […]

Internet trends

Gardening Trends That Have Taken Over The Internet

Gardening is one of Britain’s most popular hobbies, enjoyed by people from all generations for its relaxing effects and rewarding results. Over 2020, gardening saw a considerable boost in popularity, and now an estimated 27 million people in the U.K. take part in gardening regularly[i]. The pastime has found a surprisingly cosy home on the […]

Plastic Waste

Plastic Waste: are you part of the problem?

In 1902, the world’s first synthetic plastic was invented – Bakelite – a revolutionary product that would transform the way we consume products. But this was only the start of a slippery slope into billions of tonnes of single-use products being created every single year. Come with us as we discover the real scale of […]

Sustainability at home

Sustainability at home – our top tips

With the recent climate crisis taking over the news, it’s easy to feel powerless to help save our planet. There are, however, several easy, sustainable house features and lifestyle changes you could implement today to ensure you are making a smaller impact on the environment. With 88% of people in the UK claiming to feel […]

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