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5 Companion Plants To Keep Pests Out Of Your Garden

When new seeds are starting to sprout, the last thing you want is an infestation [...]

The Mess-Free, Soil-Free Way To Grow Houseplants

How can you grow beautiful houseplants in a clear bottle with no soil and no [...]

Prepare For Summer – Our Recommendations

Can you feel the warmth of the sun on your face yet? After a winter [...]

Top Reasons for Investing in a Toddler Playhouse

As spring and summer are slowly edging closer, you may well be wondering whether you [...]

Best Plants for Butterflies

Adding a touch of graceful colour to your garden, butterflies are wonderful to watch - [...]

Fairies and Fairy Dwellings

Stories about fairies and their delightful little fairy dwellings have occupied the minds and imaginations [...]

Gardening Trends for 2017

Enter the new year with new ideas for your garden. Ensure you stand out and [...]

4 Outdoor Heaters We Love This Winter

Winter has hit hard, with temperatures plummeting throughout the country and snow coating the gardens [...]

How You Can Help Save The Hedgehog Population

The number of hedgehogs spotted in English gardens has been steadily declining over the last [...]

Why Young People Haven’t Lost Interest In Gardening

You may have come across an article in the past week featuring results from a [...]

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