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At Home: 8 Interior Style Trends for 2015

Not only is January a time of hope, optimism and unbroken resolutions, it’s also the [...]

Are there fairies dwelling at the bottom of your garden?

To coincide with the launch of our new Fairy Dwellings collection by Garden Glows, we [...]

Five Jobs for your garden this Autumn

  It may seem like an age away, especially with the recent summer revival, but [...]

The 5 Roof Gardens We Just Love

Instead of thinking horizontally or laterally, designers are thinking much more vertically when it comes [...]

5 key pieces for a stylish outdoor space

Obviously, the list is endless when it comes to selecting suitable garden furniture, but many [...]

10 Favourite Inner City Gardens

 Do you often find yourself pacing about the city’s streets, wanting to slip down a [...]

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