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Competition Closed: The Great G&H Bake-Off

Our GBBO competition is now closed, and we’re pleased to announce that it gave us a lot of food for thought in picking our winners. We really saw some absolute masterpieces from our entrants, as well as some things which we wish we could forget, so we think the competition was a resounding success! As much as we had plenty of works of art and god-awful disasters submitted, there can only be a handful of winners!

summer harvest

Making the Most of your Late Summer Harvest

As we sink deeper in to the tail end of summer, the hard work and patience put in to greenhouses, allotments and kitchen gardens is finally starting to pay off. The time has finally come to harvest those fruits and vegetables planted months ago with so much soil and hope. As mouths across the country alternate between being stuffed with fresh produce, and exclaiming how it “tastes so much better than what you buy at the shops”, eyes will be taking in the bowls and buckets spilling over with an endless supply of tomatoes, plums, courgettes with a growing expression that says “what the hell am I going to do with all of these?”
So before you start shovelling armfuls of radishes on unsuspecting friends just to get rid of them, here are a few tips for prolonging the life of your successful crops.

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GBBO & Competition: Baking Through the Years

If you watched Wednesday nights episode of The Great British Bake Off, chances are you’ve had baking on your mind for quite some time! The first episode of the latest season, starring twelve new amateur bakers hoping to go pro, had our fresh-baked contestants tasked with baking a divine lemon drizzle cake, before trying to make heads or tails of Mary Berry’s famous jaffa cakes recipé (with crucial details removed, of course…) In the episode’s finale, the bakers had to pull out all the stops, and really impress the judges with a recipé of their own choice, resulting in some stunning creations (and a great big upset at the Star Baker decision!)

bbq Meat

Advanced BBQ Techniques

The sun is out, the beers are cold and the grill is on.

This isn’t your first BBQ. You know all the basics, you’ve heard all the safe beginner barbecue stuff – don’t start until the coals are white, ensure meat is properly cooked through, etc. But no-one got a Michelin star from just knowing the basics. It’s time to bring up your bbq game to professional level with some advanced tips for serious grillers.

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