Pergola with a slatted fencing feature

5 Screening Ideas for Pergolas

Pergolas are a creative and smart-looking way of adding shelter to any outdoor space. These structures are usually made with wood and are available to purchase in different designs and sizes. However, many peoples’ main gripe with pergolas is that they don’t have covered sides like a lot of gazebos. But the simple addition of […]

man cave shed in the garden

The Best Man Cave Shed Ideas

The humble man cave – a comfortable, judgement-free zone that all men want, but not many get. But, you can get rid of your pre-determined assumptions that to have a man cave, you must have at least a sliver of unused space inside your house. Garages, cellars, and spare rooms aren’t the only places that […]


The UK’s Most Instagrammed Flower Shows: Top 10

Flower shows are a classically British event that gives gardeners up and down the country the opportunity to show off their skills through stunning, unique floral displays. They attract thousands of visitors every year, including swathes of royal guests and TV VIPs who flock to get a chance to see the best garden showcases in […]


Easy (but effective) Garden Windbreak Ideas

As a gardener, it may often feel as if you’re left to the mercy of Mother Nature. Many things are seemingly out of your control such as blustering wind wreaking havoc on your plants.  Thankfully though, a solution can be found in some innovative windbreak ideas. In this article, we’ll discuss how wind works as […]

botanical gardens

Bonkers for Botanicals – The Most Popular Botanical Gardens in the UK

Botanical gardens have a rich history in the UK and have massively grown in popularity over the past decade. Having initially been popularised by the Victorians who had a love affair with all things exotic, botanical gardens and conservatories are seeing a comeback in modern times as people are wanting to spend more time outside […]

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Eco Friendly Garden Options

During times of drought or seemingly endless weather shifts, gardening can feel like an impossible and sometimes selfish hobby. However, with an eco friendly garden, it doesn’t have to be that way. With this sustainable, eco friendly approach, you can play a key role in mitigating climate change while simultaneously supporting local wildlife.  In this […]

what flowers do bees like

What flowers do bees like? 13 best pollinator-attracting flowers

If you’re bored of the conversation about bees, it’s time to re-engage! Bees are one of the most important creatures on the planet, but the population of honeybees decreased by a whopping 40% from the winter of 2018 to 2019. Big corporations definitely have a part to play in this scary statistic and can ease […]

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