a shed in a garden for planning permission for sheds

Do you need planning permission for sheds?

The rules on planning permission for sheds Usually, you do not need planning permission for a shed in your garden. Sheds are legally classified as outbuildings, alongside greenhouses, playhouses and garages. There are a few exceptions to this. For example, you will need planning permission for sheds over a certain height or sheds that are […]

swiss cheese plant

What You Didn’t Know About Houseplants

Do you love houseplants? Have you often been dubbed a houseplant parent, and teased for your love of having greenery indoors? Well – you might be onto something. It’s been proven that houseplants don’t just look good, they also come with a host of mental and physical benefits, including: Stress Reduction Increased Productivity Better Wellbeing […]

climbing plants on the exterior of a house

The Best Climbing Plants For Your Garden

Climbing plants look beautiful in any garden, from sunny spots and warm greenhouses to shaded areas and conservatories. And there is a climber for every situation! Many climbers can handle a range of conditions, making them some of the best plants for your garden. So, whether your garden receives full sun, none at all, or […]

how to deter foxes from your garden

How To Deter Foxes From Your Garden

Foxes are a nuisance to many property owners. Digging up the lawn, feasting on growing fruit, leaving droppings, driving other animals away – there aren’t a lot of benefits that foxes bring to a garden. That being said, they are only wild animals following their instincts. And that means finding safe, humane ways to drive […]

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