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6 Incredible Garden Pub Ideas

We all love a drink, and sometimes nothing beats relaxing in your back garden in [...]

10 Great Low Maintenance Garden Ideas

Gardens come in all kinds of shapes and sizes. Some are large, and others are [...]

The 10 Best Spring Bedding Plants

As spring is on the horizon, now is the right time to begin planting your [...]

10 Incredible Winter Garden Plants

It is a wonder to see that many flowers thrive in wintery conditions and the [...]

How to Secure a Shed: 10 Essential Garden Shed Security Tips

Every garden should have a shed situated somewhere around it. Sheds are perfect for storing [...]

10 Fantastic Shed Storage Ideas

Sheds: the perfect place for maximum storage for the rest of your home. Everything can [...]

The 7 Best Evergreen Plants for Pots

What are Evergreen plants? Evergreen plants are a great way to bring more character and [...]

15 Best Plants for Your Winter Window Box

Window boxes can be used all year round but can be particularly effective in the [...]

Adding Trellis To Existing Fence

A trellis is a near-perfect addition to a garden. Aesthetically pleasing and a gardener’s dream, [...]

5 Screening Ideas for Pergolas

Pergolas are a creative and smart-looking way of adding shelter to any outdoor space. These [...]

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